IIZA’s mandate is to attract and develop knowledge workers in our industry who are self-managing as CEO’s of their own careers in their selected niche of the market.  The Institute’s Mission and Vision is to keep producing and maintaining disciplined knowledge workers who have a passion to connect with customers’ needs, innovative and have the capacity to identity what works for the customers and abandon what cannot work for the customers for continuous improvement in customer care and service.

The objectives of the institute are:

(a)        Promotion of professionalism in the Insurance industry.

(b)        Taking an advisory role on insurance matters to government

(c)        Liaising with the CII Education Division on all matter pertaining to insurance education.

(d)        To promote an awareness of insurance in the general public.

(e)        To act as representative group for the insurance profession.

(f)        To initiate self-regulation in the insurance profession.

(g)        Promotion of cooperation with other associations having similar interests.

(h)        Promotion of the interests of members.



As custodian and protector of the interests of Government and Customers in our sector of the Zambia economy, PIA only registers companies which demonstrate that they have on their establishments Human Resources/Capital with skills and competencies approved by IIZA as regulator of individual professional practitioners.  This ensures that in regulating market players, PIA matches competencies with tasks to be performed in each entity to be licenced which makes IIZA a strong ally of PIA and other market associations PIA does not regulate including the Insurers Association of Zambia (IAZ),Insurance Brokers Association of Zambia (IBAZ) and the Zambia Association of Pension Funds (ZAPF).These backward and forward linkages IIZA has with all market bodies in the management of the supply chain in our industry makes the institute a key player for the sustainable development and growth in all niche areas of our risk industry.


 This is a market association which represents the interests of all insurance underwriting offices or risk carriers.  It is not a regulatory authority like IIZA or PIA.  IAZ member companies are required to hire/employ individuals who are IIZA members and are regulated by IIZA in order to demonstrate their skills set and competences to satisfy customers’ and risk capital supplier needs as required by the PIA.


 This is another market association which represents the interests of Registered Insurance Brokers (professional intermediaries/middlemen) in the industry. IBAZ is also not a regulatory authority and its member companies are subject to the same scrutiny as underwriting firms by the Pensions and Insurance Authority (PIA).  For the competencies required to register and operate an insurance broking firm, IIZA membership is a pre-requisite, which puts IIZA in the critical path of the supply chain management for our industry. Today every firm`s competitive advantage lies in how well they manage their supply chain and in a mystique and invisible service industry such as ours one cannot divorce the quality of service from the individual practitioner or hand providing it.


This is also a market association representing the interests of Pension Fund Managers and its member companies are similar in nature to the Insurers Association of Zambia (IAZ), the Insurance Brokers Association of Zambia (IBAZ).  Membership of IIZA is a pre-requisite to all practitioners in Pension Houses in order to demonstrate the competencies required at every level in member companies as a demonstration of PRUDENCE IN FUND MANAGEMENT.


 The Insurance Institute of Zambia (IIZA) membership provides you with effective networking opportunities such as the Membership Directory on the Institute’s Website which can be used to search for peers, mentors and special interests groups to share experiences with, and other membership activities that add value – such as special lectures, conferences, training, networking dinners, careers development advice – all of which are very important for your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).These activities being IIZA`s core business and offerings to its customers(members) are the one and only surest strategy for every practitioner to keep alive to the diverse needs of customers and suppliers of Risk Capital, the risk industry being one global market.


This is a planned acquisition of knowledge, experience and skills to develop personal qualities and attributes appropriate to deliver quality service that will inspire customer loyalty which is key to business development in our industry and the firm you work for gaining a competitive advantage over its rivals in its chosen niche of the market. Today CPD activities are a pre-requisite to maintaining your membership status with all local and international professional Associations including the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) of United Kingdom and the Insurance Institute of Zambia (IIZA).The CPD programme also drives home the message that the primary responsibility for competence vests in the individual and as such assists members in rendering services with “due care, competence and diligence.


IIZA Vision

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Mission statements

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